TCAF was a bust business-wise, but pretty good from a “hangout out and meet people” standpoint. I knew going in that the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers books weren’t the kind of fare people were looking for at this show and us not being able to bring in any of the art team accentuated that even more.

Still, meeting more of the Flight crew was quite nice, as was hanging out with the Speak Easy boys and meeting Jeff Smith. Rey and Mal were there as well (read Sharknife!) but I didn’t get to visit with them as much as I would’ve liked.

Today ended up quite awful. Although I had a couple drinks out last night, I woke up disproportionately pained. More than just a hangover headache, my head ended up on fire. Worse of all, I thought I was okay at first and went down to the show today. Within a couple hours I was practically blacking out from a crushing headache and my stomach lurching. I left at about 1:30 and drove very slowly home, then rolled up into a fetal position in bed and felt like I was gonna die. Four hours later I came to and now I’m groggily trying to get things done while feeling a slight and headache and quite disconnected from everything because of the time loss of the nap.

Gonna try and get some serious sleep and then attack tomorrow with much more gusto. I’ll try and post a couple photos from the show tomorrow as well.

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