Waking Up in June

This post isn’t exactly momentous or occasion worthy. Sometimes livejournal is just day to day observations.

Good Morning June.

I think the strange sleep schedule and sheer volume of things going on is making me extra touchy today. I hate feeling this way. I hate being extra irritable or jumpy when I’ve got this much to do. Of course, this tends to happen because I have so much to do. It’s a little vicious cycle.

The “Card Game Project of Doom” continues unabated. Going over images last night I see several that need to be overhauled. Not sure how we’re going to be able to pull that magically out of our butts in time. So frustrating.

If the summer cons go well I am seriously taking a vacation somewhere. Not a day trip or going to friend’s place to get away from work kind of thing. A real “going away somewhere” kind of vacation. I’ve never left Canada/USA and that irritates me. I shouldn’t be 29 and have no experiences outside of this continent for crying out loud. Schedule wise and money wise I don’t think any of my friends could spare the time or afford an autumn vacation to a resort or anywhere out of the way. Going alone somewhere is a little scary, but might be a neat experience nonetheless. It’s hard to figure that out on this little sleep.

The apartment is too quiet.

My computer’s hard drive is emitting the same old high pitched spinning noise. I normally filter it out without even trying but right now it’s piercing and annoying for some reason.

And why does my ankle hurt? *grumble grumble*

Oh crap, now I’m rambling.

Okay, time for some breakfast/lunch/whatever and a shower to hopefully shake my head out of this.

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