Late Night Glee

As Noi was working up the cover for issue #1 of the Exalted comic for the solicitation info we also talked about a poster or print we could do up for stores and/or sell at the cons. One of the female characters for the print seemed an obvious choice. Noi told me he’d do up a piece for it by the end of the week. I received the pic about an hour ago and I’m more jazzed than ever about the comic.

I e-mailed it to several of the White Wolf staffers to get their take on it. Brian, the Art Director for Exalted, just woke me up at 2am to freak out:


Jim: *groggily fumbles with phone* huzuguh?


Jim: Yes. Yes he is. Pretty sweet, eh?

Brian: My God, that rules. Okay, sorry for calling so late. Just had to tell you. Go back to bed, crazy boy.

Jim: *sleepy grin* G’night.

When you eventually see it, I think you’ll agree that something special is coming this fall. Okay, back to bed.

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