Avengers Tech-On #1 Reviews

AIPT: 8.5/10 “It has Power Rangers vibes right down to the suits, but also the epic nature of the villain. Read this one for an alternate take on the events post Infinity Gauntlet, and the promise of exploring the complexities of these heroes and who they are apart from their powers.”

But Why Tho: 10/10 “…mixes the action one would expect from a Marvel title with anime and tokusatsu-themed elements, setting the stage for a unique story.”

Comic Book Corner: “This book was a lot of fun. This is the reason when I was a kid why I got into comic books. Because of books like this. Just straight out fun.”

Comic Book Resources: “Zub’s script delivers classic Marvel superhero action with a few smart twists that bend the plot into some intriguing shapes. Meanwhile, Chamba’s art has a frenetic energy that captures the turbo speed excess of Capcom’s ‘90s Marvel fighting games in the best way.”

Comic Rates: “Over the top thrills is exactly what you need to spice up your pull list! Haven’t read a Marvel book in awhile? This might be the mini that gets you back into the House of Ideas. Avengers: Tech-on #1 is downright fun and following in the steps of its Mech inspired predecessor it hits the right notes to earn a spot in your buy pile.”

Fortress of Solitude: 10/10 “A ridiculously good time of a comic. Adhering to classic anime and sentai tropes, all of which were covered in some bright, fast-paced, and well design artwork.”

Graphic Policy: 8/10 “There’s a popcorn entertainment aspect to it that it leans in to. While it’s clearly a tie-in to a toy line, it still delivers a lot of heart and emotion and remembers the characters are what’s important. Add in some solid artwork, this is a series that screams summer enjoyment.”

Infinity Flux: “I really enjoyed some of the story beats that didn’t feel gimmicky to just get to the part with the robots…I thought it was really fun.”

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