Groggy, but listless.

People have been visiting me semi-regularily for the past week, but I still feel like a hermit for some reason. What’s worse is that a good part of me wants to be alone… I think.

No, not entirely. I wish Gal was here.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate today. Art is going well, things seem fine, but there’s a weird stillness in the apartment today. Maybe I’m just over tired.

Part of me wants to dance feverishly, out at a club. Force my body awake and drive a beat through it with a jolt of sweat-soaked movement. But it’s a weird push and pull, like I want a club with great music and only my friends there around me. A chance to recharge the batteries, without any of the irritating social graces that come from interacting with a crowd of strangers.

On Sunday, I actually did some artwork for myself. It felt good, but strange too. Artwork not for a client and no expectations except what I wanted to see. The things I’ve been drawing for other people have improved the artwork I do for myself. That’s the beauty of freelance art and stepping up to the challenge of drawing what other people want.

Minutes are ticking by and I can’t believe it’s already after noon.

I want to go for a walk… I need to get dressed first.

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