Deep Breath… Let ‘Er All Out

Today seems ready-made for frustration.

Frustration with myself for making a few mistakes that I need to now correct.
Frustration with convention plans which Gala and I are trying to keep from unraveling.
Frustration with my sleep schedule, currently messed up.
Frustration with artists who hand in shit… or hand in shit late.
Frustration with bureaucracy with clients and the school I teach at.
Frustration with people online who freak out over the littlest elements with barely any provocation.

It will pass. It always does. But some days you get an extra dose of it or a bunch all at once and it digs deeper than usual.

I have to chill out, take care of each one and cross them off a list as they’re dealt with. Get that sense of accomplishment afterwards instead of the fuming I’m currently harboring.

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