June Arrival

Working, organizing, relaxing – rinse, repeat.

Things are going okay. Hitting a bit of a routine, which is nice for a change. The current crop of projects are moving along at a seemingly steady pace and I handed in all my artwork for Aspect Fire two days early. This weekend I’m looking at some spare time and I want to do some artwork for myself, putter with a few pet projects I’ve had on the back burner.

The con season really kicks into gear later this month, and I’m excited and dreading it at the same time. It’s fun, it’s bizarre and it’ll be wonderful seeing friends from last year, but it’s stressful and coupled with keeping projects on track back at home, it’s difficult.

Gal’s burning the midnight oil at work and getting a good grounding in the company and the people there. She sounds good, a little rundown from moving into Brian’s new place and working at the same time, but good. It’s a neat experience/sabbatical/adventure all rolled into one and I’m excited to hear about her tales at the end of the summer.

A bunch of people have asked about when she’ll be back. My immediate answer is “Not soon enough”… the real answer though is “I’m picking her up from Gen Con”. So, there will be the big RPG convention, the new World of Darkness release and Gala’s send off all in one weekend: insanity.

There seems to be a weird little renewed interest in Makeshift Miracle. I checked the web traffic and the numbers have risen over the past couple of months with no advertising or promotion. The BitPass micropayment experiment I started with it last year is still bearing fruit. It’s not a ton of money or anything, but it’s a little chunk here and there that takes care of itself, which is kind of cool.

The constant barrage of drawing and painting projects seems to be improving my art. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I got about the Hookface painting in my last journal entry. It was gratifying to soak in people’s compliments after busting my ass on that. It’s definitely changed the way I work, and my pieces since then have really benefited from what I learned there.

That’s the current state of Zub. I have a swack of e-mails to respond to, so if you haven’t heard from me in a bit, you will!

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