Quick Gen Con Wrap-Up

Got in the door after a 9 and a half hour drive home from Indianapolis, so forgive me if this is brief.

In short, Gen Con 2012 was everything I hoped it would be. Tons of amazing people, fun gaming and record sales at the Tracy Hickman / Schlock Mercenary / Skullkickers booth. We had an absolute blast.

Thank you to Howard Tayler and Tracy Hickman for giving me a space to exhibit at. Your friendship and encouragement made this all possible.

Thank you to the Kokomo Irregulars, Tracy’s incredible staff, for running the booth and creating the most organized and welcoming con space imaginable.

Thank you to Andrew Hackard, Monica Valentinelli and everyone else at Steve Jackson Games for rocking out Munchkin-Skullkickers and promoting it so well at the show.

Thank you to Andrew Huerta, Erik Mona, Lisa Stevens, James Sutter and everyone else at Paizo for making the Pathfinder #1 launch so successful.

And, last but never least, thank you to the many, many Skullkickers, Munchkin and Pathfinder fans who came by to visit, buy books and get stuff signed. The response to all the hard work that’s gone into the new Pathfinder series was overwhelmingly positive. Seeing return customers from last year who were back for another volume of Skullkickers was also a real joy.

The Gen Con crowd is truly our bedrock and I’m incredibly grateful for all the support. Click on the pic below for more photos from the show:

Click here for Gen Con photos

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