More Pathfinder Reviews

Multiversity Comics: “Zub is able to use the role-playing source of this licensed comic as a springboard for tight plotting, rather than as a gimmick.”

Woodbury-Middlebury Patch: “I would definitely recommend this for fans of fantasy adventure.”

Fellowship of the Geeks: “I think this is a solid introduction to what should be a thrill ride of a title.”

Speak Geeky To Me: “…an enjoyable read that’ll sell as a surprise hit”

I Got Issues: “This issue was awesome.”

Paradox Comics Group: “An entertaining start. 8/10”

Third Eye Comics: “Pick of the Week”…” kick-ass sword and sorcery read loaded with brutal warriors, crazy wizards, and all sorts of cool monsters”

The Iron Tavern: “I was pleasantly surprised by this comic.”

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