Productive Monday

A good day leading into a good night.

Hit my deadline for Dungeon and cleaned up around the apartment. I had to do color correction with a blanket over my head and monitor because I still don’t have any drapes to put up here and sunlight on the screen makes the images look totally washed out, which would print terribly. It looked very silly, but worked in a pinch.

Then I ran errands, paid bills and mailed out packages and letters.

The Udon crew is in full tilt work mode, juggling a horde of projects. The comic book stuff is to the point that most of them are actually living at my bosses’ place this week, working side-by-side so they can get it all done. Heading over there tonight, I dropped off cases of pop for the crew and watched the tornado of work whirl around me. Erik, Ken, Arnold, Andrew, Christine, Gary and Omar all busting away at penciling, coloring and lettering pages. It made me wish we had a centralized studio space for real, even though I love working from home most of the time.

I watched Arnold and Andrew doing their digital painting and learned some really valuable tips and tricks first hand instead of just the verbal advice I’ve gotten from them before. It made we wish I could’ve redone the stuff I painted this morning, even though they turned out pretty good. Just watching those two paint for an hour or so, I feel like I can really improve my approach. Inspiring and intimidating… I’ve got to keep growing.

A bunch to do before I leave, but it feels manageable compared to the chaos that was last week.

Off to bed I go.

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