Origins 2004

At an internet cafe in Columbus Ohio…

Origins is over. I’m in Columbus killing time until my flight leaves this evening. It’s weird because I booked a Monday flight so I wouldn’t have to run around like crazy yesterday and would have time to just relax. Now that I’m in the midst of that relaxed time, I sort of wish I had just booked a Sunday nighter like everyone else and dealt with the craziness for an hour or two but woken up at home. The hotel was nice and all, but I’m ready to be around my own stuff at this stage.

The show went really well. The White Wolf booth was relatively tame, especially since they aren’t selling original World of Darkness material anymore. It made the show more social, with longer interaction with less people instead of a sales driven frenzy (which I’m sure Gen Con will be).

The evenings kicked up the usual assortment of partying and stupidity. Strangely enough, the hardest partying we did was on Thursday night. Free flowing booze and intense dancing at a club we had a blast at last year. It’s been a while since I really danced like nuts and it was a good purging of the tension and stiffness of the past couple of weeks. By the time we finished and headed back to the hotel, the crew had gotten a bit rowdy, but luckily no property damage factored into it.

Friday night was surprisingly tame. Guardians of Order threw a party at a dance club and by the time we got there after a kick ass dinner, the whole crew was exhausted. As much as I wanted to go nuts again two nights in a row, I bowed out early and grabbed some sleep.

Saturday night, the Wolfies threw a room party at the hotel. Justin created a terrifying new drink he dubbed “Crowenbrau” (Old Crow Bourbon and Lowenbrau beer) which we all agreed was gag-worthy and tasted like liquid cardboard. Midway through the party we got a bit crazy. We “borrowed” a cocktail table from a wedding reception that was happening on a different floor, became the voice of God (or a quick hailstorm) to passerbys on the street below and I put Justin in a camel clutch after he lost a round of 21.

Sunday was low key, I mostly just gathered loot from the show. Board games seemed like a good idea this time, so I’m coming home with Game of Thrones, Runebound and Settlers of Catan. Hopefully I can get a bunch of people to come over in the next week or two to try them out.

As the show was wrapping up, the Lead Developer for City of Heroes stopped by and wanted to trade White Wolf product for copies of the game. Fred got 4-5 for the staff and gave me one, so when I get home I’ll be logging on to give that a try. On one hand I hope it kicks ass, but on the other I’m a bit afraid that it’ll be too good and I’ll get obsessed. In any case, if you’re playing, let me know what your server/hero name is and I’ll look for you online.

Lots of little moments and Zub Tales. Some of them won’t sound right or as amusing over text like this, so ask me in person and I’ll fill you in. Otherwise, I’ll have photos in the next day or two to show.

Okay, gonna wander and see a bit more downtown. More when I get in.

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