A tough week led into an okay weekend.

There’s still problems galore, even today. I fired an artist off of a project. Another artist ditched on a project, leaving me fuming and frantic. This is the fun side of management. As much as I’d like to just fix everything personally, I’m up to my hips in work and conventions… so much to do.

I’ve stopped flipping out about the problems and am just trying to get as many things organized as I can before I leave for Origins on Thursday at “holy shit early o’clock”.

Other things:

Thursday night was actually a breather. The LARP session went quite well and afterwards I had a great conversation with friends. Crashing out that night, it was a weird calm that I really needed. It purged a bit of loneliness I’ve been feeling and was the exhale after stress the rest of the week brought on.

The Toronto Comicon was this weekend. I stopped by the show a bit on Friday and Saturday. I finally got to see my friend Cary Nord, a comic book artist I met out in Calgary years ago. I lost his contact info when he moved and have been trying to get in touch with him for ages. It was amazing getting caught up on things and comparing where we were then to what’s happening now.

After the show, the pros and other guests went out for a get together and drank. The booze prices were outrageous and exhaustion was kicking in, so I ducked out early and chatted it up with ghostyo about stories and the comic industry. We hit a really amazing font of inspiration, brainstorming a very cool idea for a comic book story we want to pitch. Just typing about it here gets my brain thinking about it and excited. Creativity attacks at the least expected times.

Today’s goal is some digital painting for Dungeon and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

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