More Samurai Jack #1 Reviews


A week and a half ago Samurai Jack #1 was released and last Friday I posted up reviews we’d received. Since then I’ve been sent a bunch of links to other reviews for the first issue. All of us on the creative team are energized by the outpouring of excitement. Thank you!

Ain’t It Cool News: “Jim Zub upheld my impeccably high standards for cartoons turned comics and I am very excited to read more”

ALBOTAS: “This baby is authentic. I mean that. Samurai Jack #1 honestly feels like Genndy Tartakovsky created this comic book himself.”

Comics Gutter: “Everything that made the cartoon great is preserved and adapted to the comic page, the explosive action and signature cinematic style of Samurai Jack making a comeback thanks to Suriano’s art.”

Comixverse: “Zub and Suriano do right by Samurai Jack by playing to the comic book format’s strengths, instead of turning the comic into nothing more than a collection of storyboards.”

Elephant Robot: 4/5 For those who were fans of the Cartoon Network show Samurai Jack or those who have never heard of the show, this is a great place to jump in and read. “”

Geek Native: “It’s with great relief that I found myself enjoying the first couple of pages of Samurai Jack #1.”

Good Comics For Kids: “Just within the first issue, Jim and Andy were able to recap the original premise of the show and start Jack on the first part of a quest that included plenty of the action, humor, and adventure that helped make the show one of the highlights of modern cartoons. As a fan of the show I can’t ask anything more.”

Nerd Machine: “The story is tried and true and the characters are all familiar, welcoming readers with open arms. Samurai Jack hasn’t lost any of his steely calm and combat prowess…”

Quick Comic Reviews: “…the best part of the issue is that it throws us right back into the life of Jack like no time has gone by.”

Razorfione: 4/5 “Jim Zub captures the tone of the original cartoon, and I was also very impressed with the art by artist Andy Suriano”

SciFi Pulse: A+ “Masters Zub, Suriano, and Lee have done great honor to this samurai on his quest to get home. They are continuing his saga with a fantastic tale and incredible art. Highest possible recommendation!”

Travelling Man: “What this is, without a doubt, is a tremendously assured, funny comic début for one of the greatest cartoon characters in years. Jack’s back. Evil time travelling demons beware.”

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