My friend Ray has been busting his ass for years to be a professional writer. He’s taken on crappy jobs to pay the bills while he toiled away with his imagination, professionally carrying himself and not losing sight of his goals… a great guy all around.

Late last year, it all started to come together, finally. He’s writing RPG material for White Wolf’s new Vampire: The Requiem line and…

*Drum Roll*

He’s writing a new comic series for Vertigo!

I’m damn proud of him. Hard work and a great “never give up” ethic has really made things come together for him. Keep your eyes peeled for this book… I think it’s gonna be the start of a healthy writing career and you’ll be able to say you were into his stuff from the start.

So, this post is a congrats to him and a lesson to you all: Don’t give up on your dreams. They matter and they can happen.

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