Life Drawing 2005

So last week I went to Life Drawing.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with figure drawing. It wasn’t one of my strong suits at Sheridan and I always loathed getting pieces together for my portfolio. When I left Classical Animation, it was one of those things I breathed a sigh of relief about… no more 1-3 minute pose nightmares or the pressure cooker of watching other artists kick my ass 10 feet away.

When I started teaching in Calgary, I was suddenly thrust into teaching figure drawing as well. It was a real baptism of fire and I learned a lot as I re-studied the figure and tried to let go of my inhibitions about drawing, especially in front of other people. I had a class of twenty-odd students who wanted to know how to draw the figure and needed me to show them it on the spot. I re-ingrained the basics and got by pretty well, all things considered. After I left Calgary for Halifax, the lack of need meant I could give it up again.

And so here we are…

I’ve felt my artwork stiffening up for some time now. Good pieces from time to time, lots of digital coloring techniques and ideas, but at the same time a loss of gesture, energy and confidence. I told myself I’d go to life drawing last semester, but it was easy to put off with everything else going on.

This time I’m attending because I want to. I’m going because I want to improve instead of just get marks or get a paycheck. I want to enjoy life drawing again and be a better artist.

Last Thursday’s session was short, and the only ‘okay’ pieces I pulled off were short gestures (1 minute poses). The longer ones (2 minutes and up) just got stiff or lost structure as they developed. This morning’s pieces went better, with a better mix overall. I’m going to try to go at least once a week, but I’m looking to do more than that if possible. I’m also going to try posting 1 or 2 per session up here as an impetus to keep doing it.

This week:

Last week:

Here’s hoping I can stick with it.

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