Friday Night Kooky

Friday night was an odd throwback. I ended up out at a rundown bar for a karaoke night with my mind solely intent on getting drunk. That hasn’t happened since the con season, and even then it’s more the environment than my desire, per say.

But Friday went amazingly well and I wanted to celebrate. The new apartment was finalized and the new project I’m heading up (which I can’t announce just yet) is now rolling forward with lots of momentum. 2005 is looking exciting indeed and I think I just wanted to cut loose. Kick back and go a bit wild for a change… and so I did. It was a change of pace, whereas back in college it was all too typical.

I don’t fully remember my duet of Bon Jovi’s Dead Or Alive, though I do remember singing songs earlier from the evening and tasting a terribly foul homebrew beer that Dan had ordered. I don’t fully recall the cab ride home. I was ill and slept like the dead. I woke up the next day quite drained, but also amused that I could rev myself up for a good time when the need arose.

Exciting times are a comin’, of that I’m quite sure.

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