Legends of Baldur’s Gate TPB in Stores Wednesday!


The collected trade paperback for Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate arrives in comic shops this Wednesday and will be in major bookstores and Amazon a week or two after that.

The single issue sales on the series were okay, but didn’t set the world on fire, so our ability to create more Baldur’s Gate comics rests on the sales of this spiffy high quality collected edition. Every issue received rave reviews from multiple comic and gaming sites (issues 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), so I think it’s more a visibility issue than one of quality.

If you’re a tabletop gamer (as I am) or loved the original Baldur’s Gate video games I think you’ll really enjoy the fun adventure story Max Dunbar and I put together for Wizards of the Coast as part of D&D 5th Edition launch. Please consider ordering a copy for yourself or snag one as a gift for your gaming friends so Minsc and Boo can continue their righteous quest for justice.

Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate

Graphic novel tie-in to Dungeon’s & Dragon’s new 5th Edition role-playing game! Generations have passed since the original Heroes of Baldur’s Gate saved the city and the Realms. Now a new threat rises and an unlikely group of misfits are thrust into adventure with Minsc, the legendary Ranger do-gooder with a heart of gold, brain of lead, and hamster of pronounced wisdom.
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