Legends of Baldur’s Gate #3 Reviews


Comic Crusaders: 4/5 “If you are a fan of DnD, or the [Baldur’s Gate] video games you owe it to yourselves to pick up this book.”

Fanboy Nation: “Recommended for all of those who enjoy adventure, swashbuckling and miniature giant space hamsters.”

Geeks With Wives: “Having Jim Zub writing (acting as our dungeon master), we are provided a story that doesn’t feel like it is on rails but flows naturally and changes with the action.”

Kastor’s Korner: “The characters actually act like an adventuring party, and as a huge gaming enthusiast, I found these elements were incredibly effective at capturing the true essence of playing a tabletop campaign, while still telling a multifaceted linear tale.”

Merric’s Musings: “Once again, Max Dunbar’s artwork is superb, drawing both characters and architecture in beautiful detail.”

Nerdy But Flirty: “I’m pretty much in love with all the art in this – the characters are consistent, and the world is very colorful and detailed.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “Not only is this perfect for anyone who likes to game but it’s great for people who don’t either because it’s a story about friendship through adventure.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade: 9.5/10 “As things progress further for the characters, we are starting to see some things fall in place, and it is a pretty exciting time to get on this comic if you haven’t yet.”

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