D&D Legends of Baldur’s Gate #2 Reviews


The second issue of Legends of Baldur’s Gate arrived last week and readers and retailers alike seem to be enjoying our take on D&D-style adventure.

Bleeding Cool: “Being transported to this colorful D&D world is something I thoroughly enjoy. I will definitely keep coming back for more.”

Comic Bastards: 4/5 “Everything I said about issue one still holds true, it is a solid fantasy, action, fun comic. I easily recommend it.”

Comic Book Bin: “It is obvious that Zub loves the D&D source material, always a good things when adapting a property as a comic book.”

Fanboy Nation: “Dunbar has created an exuberant fantasy city, full of cobbled streets, looming houses, underground passages and all the fittings necessary for a good bout of adventuring.”

Fangirl Nation: “Two issues in, and this story already has a plenty of potential for a good adventure.”

Gamma Squad: “Yes, the hamster-loving ranger is highly entertaining with Zub at the wheel.”

Kastor’s Korner: “Delina is such a fun and lively main character. It’s a rare thing for a medieval fantasy adventure.”

Merric’s Musings: “I must draw attention to the work Max Dunbar does on drawing backgrounds for the scenes. This is exceptional work, and when it’s paired with Jim Zub’s excellent dialog and plotting, the result is a comic I’m really enjoying.”

Nerdy But Flirty: “There’s quite a bit of intrigue stirring, and another Baldur’s Gate character to meet, and I’m super excited for issue #3!”

Outhousers: “Zub and Dunbar create a fun adventure set in the world of Baldur’s Gate that any fantasy fan or fan or the game would love.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade: 9.5/10 “I loved the humour most of all in Jim’s first issue of the title and it is nice to see that everything that made the first issue so good is carried forward into the second issue, especially the humour.”

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