Katamari Paper

Took a break this evening and caught a showing of Miyazaki’s latest film called Howl’s Moving Castle. It was good, but not fantastic. The english dub was a bit drab and some of the plot points were severely under explained, leaving a lot of head scratching as to why characters were doing certain things or how they tied together. The animation and design were a joy though, which is to be expected from Studio Ghibli. I’m curious to watch a subtitled version and see if any of it becomes a bit clearer.

Plugging away on projects into the night, I took another short little break so I could build a paper sculpture of the Little Prince from Katamari Damacy, one of the craziest and fun video games I’ve ever played. The game is so simple and happy that you just have to smile while playing it… so strange and addictive. The soundtrack will also wedge itself into your brain like glue. A couple weeks ago I was just wandering around my place humming it to myself punctuated with the occasional refrain of ‘Katamari’.

My little guy’s on the left. Build your own from the image supplied right here:

Okay, g’night.

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