Exalted 2nd Edition Confirmed

White Wolf Announces Second Edition of Exalted

Atlanta, GA; June 10, 2005—Ending a rash of speculation, White Wolf Publishing announced today that it will be releasing a second edition of its wildly popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game Exalted in 2006. White Wolf first gave hints of its intentions with a titillating “leak” in its quarterly catalog, and it has now confirmed that the Second Edition will be in stores early next year.

The early “leak” brings to mind White Wolf’s long campaign of hints and teases surrounding the original 2001 release of Exalted, which left fans speculating for more than a year as to what the prospective game might actually be about. This time around, though, White Wolf promises fans a far shorter wait for this much advanced version of its anime- and wuxia-inspired reimagination of epic fantasy storytelling.

On the design side, Exalted Art Director Brian Glass is approaching the forthcoming project with a zeal inspired by the game’s legacy to date. “I’ve striven to push myself as a designer for each hardback book we’ve done,” said Glass, “so to be able to take this fantastic setting and reshape it visually, adding to the vast lushness that’s come before, is an exciting task that I can’t wait to undertake.” Also looking forward with great enthusiasm is John Chambers, the copyeditor for every Exalted book to date, save one. “As the Exalted editor since the launch of the line,” Chambers raves, “I’ve watched the evolution of the game since prior to its debut, and I can say without fear of contradiction that the second edition Geoff and I have cooked up is an even stronger game than the original.”

What’s more, the second edition of Exalted not only showcases revisions and refinements of the rules and setting, but highlights the passing of the torch to John Chambers from Exalted Developer Geoffrey C. Grabowski. With the new edition, John Chambers steps fully from the role of editor and co-developer to sole developer and intellectual property manager.

“John and I are of one mind here in reverence and irreverence,” outgoing developer Grabowski said. Added Chambers, “I’m ecstatic that, when he decided to move on, Geoff chose me to succeed him as Exalted developer, and I’m looking forward to putting my own stamp on this game that I love.”

The second edition of Exalted, a 352-page full-color hardcover roleplaying rulebook, releases in February 2006.

Exalted Second Edition
WW80000; ISBN 1-58846-684-1; $39.99 US
352-page full-color hardcover

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