Figment #1 Now In Stores!


Today’s the day! FIGMENT #1 arrives in comic shops around the world.

It’s my first Disney writing project, first Marvel comic, and a big step forward in my writing career. Everyone on the team has worked incredibly hard to create a whimsical and enjoyable story for readers young and old in the style of classic fairytale stories like The Wizard of Oz or modern graphic novel adventures like Amulet.

Filipe Andrade and Jean-Francois Beaulieu have pulled out all the stops on artwork for the series, taking my script and breathing incredible vibrant life into it. The people and places are energetic, atmospheric, and wondrous.

John Tyler Christopher‘s eye-catching cover set the tone right off the bat for our story and I can’t wait for people to see the rest of the illustrations he’s done for the other chapters.

Joe Caramagna‘s lettering really puts the button on the storytelling with great flow from panel to panel and perfectly chosen sound effects to enrich the art.

Jim Clark, Brian Crosby, Josh Shipley, and the rest of the Disney Imagineering team have been incredibly supportive, helping me bring new ideas and characters to Dreamfinder’s legacy while ensuring that the story fit in well with the classic Disney World attraction.

Bill Rosemann and Mark Basso at Marvel brought me on board and have shepherded the series through each stage of development with enthusiasm and excitement. Their comic expertise and advice helped refine my core ideas into something special.

It’s a real team effort and I’m proud to be a part of it. I really do hope you give the first issue a read and let me know what you think of it.


Find your local comic shop to buy a printed copy:

Buy Figment #1 digitally on comiXology here:


  1. Picked up the book today! It was the reading material for tonight’s bedtime reading for my 4yr old. We had a great time with it and even though she seemed lost as I pronounced all the “big words” in the beginning, but once Figment was on the scene she was all excited. We can’t wait for July 7th to roll around so we can continue the journey and find out where Imagination will take us! Thank you!

  2. Jim – There are few things that can thrill a performer more than seeing a great storyteller take up their character and carry him forward in such an inspiring, intellectually-and-emotionally satisfying manner. It’s not just the satisfying nods to the original ride, or the vision of Dreamfinder’s evolution, or even the return of Figment’s innocence and boundless charm…

    What has moved me so is the original spirit of EPCOT Center — recaptured at a time when it is so badly needed and sorely lacking in the physical space we once occupied! The Journey is reborn… A thousand thanks from this old dreamer!

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