End of Nov Update

Quick updates:

• Makeshift Miracle chapter 2 continues, including a beautiful two page spread of Colby and the mystery girl trekking through a snowstorm.

• Skullkickers #12 arrives in stores on Wednesday, November 30th and it’s awesome. Check out the exclusive issue preview on MTV Geek.

• Our friends John and Heather had us over for dinner last night. To celebrate American Thanksgiving craziness, John made a Turducken. Dessert was a three layer cake with three pies baked inside. WTF. We ate ourselves silly. Check those photos. Also, John’s Turducken preparation video is here.

Not satisfied with that level of high-class food intake, Stacy handmade macaron cookies today. They are delicious. Too much good food lately. It’s insane.

• In other news, our Skullkickers fans are amazing.

That’s the update: Busy, busy, busy, good food, looking forward to the holidays, busy, busy.

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