Bobby Chiu’s Perfect Bait

Bobby Chiu’s new book, The Perfect Bait, came out yesterday. He was kind enough to pass me an advanced copy so I could check it out and I was thoroughly impressed.

The Perfect Bait is an incredibly unique guide for freelance artists and animators aimed at helping them push themselves to new levels in their work and career. Rather than a straight forward tutorial book on technique, The Perfect Bait is all about cultivating the right attitude for artistic success. It’s both an intense motivational speech and structured common sense approach to building artistic goals interspersed with inspiring and humbling anecdotes by Bobby about his life in freelance art.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to think like a professional, network in such a fast-paced industry or keep yourself motivated day after day, you need to put this on your reading list. It’s engaging, concise and uplifting all at the same time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Perfect Bait to students, co-workers or anyone looking for a boost in their work and attitude.

Click on the image below to check it out. It would make a great gift for an artist or art student in your life.

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