Hit a brick wall of work this past two weeks. It’s been kicking my butt and keeping me very, very busy. This morning I woke up and sifted through mail (ground mail, not e-mail) I’ve let pile up for the last little while as well as little organizational things around the apartment I normally do without thinking that have fallen by the wayside while I’ve been wrestling this tornado (that’s a bad metaphor).

Two of us volunteered to help my boss organize an art book that Udon’s translating and releasing here. By volunteer I mean that we put out fires that were erupting on the project. The book’s gonna be beautiful when it’s finally released, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t kick my ass. So many things to do and it’s still not done. We thought we’d wrap it up on Friday but here we are at Wednesday of the next week and it’s still going. Meanwhile, other projects have hit speed bumps and I’m trying to get my OWN artwork done as well as teach… who needs a social life?

Still, crunches like this inspire me a bit once the light at the end of the tunnel finally arrives. It’s not here yet, but I think I see it in the distance.

Spending all this time at Udon HQ gave me some good time to talk to my boss. Some depressing talk about industry trends and some hopeful future ideas. Nothing set in stone, just gonna wait and see.

Every fall/winter when the season’s shift I get a cold and/or my wisdom teeth decide they’re going to push against my gums and put me in agony. Woke up this morning with the mighty jaw ache, pulsing to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Now I’ve gotta try to avoid my typical Autumn cold as best I can. The easy answer would be to get my wisdom teeth pulled, but I have to wait for my dental plan at Seneca to kick in before that’s do-able. Well, that and the fact I’ve got no real time to be out of commission post-pull.

The war continues…

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