Had a crazy experience this evening and wanted to type it down here. Leaving the school today, I headed to the parking lot to grab my car and enter the rush hour traffic smear that becomes Steeles Avenue at 5:00pm. With a batshit work schedule still kicking my ass, I was really tired and ready to spend an evening relaxing and not stressing about projects.

I get in the car, start the engine and get ready to back out of my parking spot… and then, I enter the Twilight Zone.
I grab the gearshift and realize it’s a different shape… the stick’s a manual and I drive an automatic.

Wait a sec… this isn’t my car.

An identical silver Cavalier was in the parking lot, 5 spaces away from mine. My key had worked on the door lock and started the engine. I’m in a stranger’s car with the engine running and looking out the front window I can see my own car just a handful of feet away. Carefully getting out, I locked the door behind me and headed to my own car.

When I sat down in my car and started the engine, I involuntarily shuddered… so surreal.

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