November’s ending already?

A few tough weeks behind me, a couple more still lay ahead. Tons of work has had me swamped, run me down and stressed me out. Schedules conflicting, people not able to do what they promised when they promised and clients wanting things faster than ever to make sure projects are done before the holidays.

Getting a nasty cold mid-week made it seem worse than it already was. It was that kind of cold that saps your strength and leaves you a sneezing, drippy mess. The strain of that and non-work stress building up too put some nasty pressure on my spine, leaving me to wonder yesterday if I was going to throw my back out again. I woke up a few minutes ago and it actually seems better so far. I’m hoping it stays that way.

Will projects get done? Yeah, we always find a way. It’s not even that every artist is filled to capacity, it’s just that certain artists are in demand and certain projects are more complex than they initially appeared. Juggling artist schedules along with my own would be much easier without the Christmas Crunch.

On the good sign of things, quite a few books are coming in. The Exalted: Fair Folk book turned out really nice and the latest comics Udon’s been doing look sharp. It looks like the Eternal Challenge translated art book will be out before Christmas too (here’s a review of the Japanese original). It may have been a huge headache, but I have to admit that I’m excited about seeing the final product.

Okay, gotta send out a swath of work e-mails to get Monday started off on the right foot.

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