Morning Groggy

Strange sleep as of late. Sometimes incredibly deep to the point of ludicrous grogginess, other times very restless and unhelpful. Blar. Right now I feel too groggy to function, but my body is definitely awake and not willing to go back to bed.

Crunch time on a few projects will make this coming week pretty hectic. It’s not even artwork piling up that I need to get done, it’s editing and administrative stuff, making it far less creatively satisfying and kind of repetitive.

Those two paragraphs sounded complain-tastic. Let’s look at good things here…

I bought myself an iTrip to go with the iPod. Now I can broadcast my music on FM radio frequencies for about a 40-foot radius. It means I can use my iPod in the car or bring my music wirelessly to anywhere that has a radio. It’s been working great so far.

I dyed my hair dirty blond. Looks good, but isn’t so harsh that my roots will grow in and look stupid later on.

Got compliments on my latest Dungeon Magazine artwork from the Art Director. Paizo’s been a great source of work for us and I’m really glad to be contributing to the magazine almost every month.

Gonna try to balance work/play this weekend even with all that I have going on here. Make sure I’m productive, but not be trapped at the computer too long.

Politics are on everyone’s brain in the wake of the American election. Every artist, industry person and creative person I know was pretty dead set against Bush. I deal with so few people outside of that circle and it made me think that the US as a whole was frothing to get him out of office. It showed me how different Joe Average was thinking compared to the people I deal with. Not much more to say about it than that.

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