Conan the Barbarian #22 Reviews

Blake’s Buzz: “This entire arc has been incredibly strong, and the tension refuses to let up. No matter how many foes he slays, or women he beds, Conan can’t help but fall into weirdness, and Zub’s Conan run celebrates this. Longtime fans, and new ones like me, are in for one hell of a ride through Khitai!”

Comic “Just when I was starting to think that this arc had run out of steam, Jim Zub and company found a way to keep me intrigued. “

The Pullbox: 9.2/10 “Fans of epic fantasy action, readers who like their heroes stoic & terse, anyone interested in seeing where the ‘swords & sandals’ sub-genre came from, get thee to the nearest comic book shop and pick this one up. “

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