Champions #9 Reviews

Beyond the Panel: 8.5/10 “The heart put into this chapter was wonderful, and reminds us of what we will be missing from our Marvel books once this story concludes.”

Black Nerd Problems: 8/10 “The pacing so far has been great and it feels like a natural progression since the moment the OG members started leaving the Champions to when Nova got his helmet back.”

Chillmonger: 9/10 “Viv’s value to the team is showcased. Her abilities are exemplified similarly to Vision in issue #10 of Zub’s Avengers: No Road Home.” 10/10 “This thoughtful character study masquerading as an action team-up is just as superb as it when it first began, if not more so.”

Comic Book University: “Everything is hard-hitting action and I loved every part of it.”

Comic Frontline: 9/10 “The art is great, Blackheart is super creepy here, giving him just a touch of Death Note’s Ryuk. Overall this is a great issue”

Comics: The Gathering: 7/10 “The fast, action-heavy script plays well to the artist’s strengths. Steven Cummings believes in the full-body superhero, and this issue’s wide scope and roster give him tons of opportunities to show off tons of Champions in action.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 7/10 “A good, solid, fun issue of superhero action.”

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