Alpha Flight: True North Reviews

Comic Book Club: “This was great. Every story was good…The way they paint Canada as a mystical place where crazy s**t happens, I loved that.”

Comic Book Resources: “With gorgeous artwork, great plotting, and a trio of mostly accessible stories, this issue is must have for new fans and long-time Alpha-Heads, alike.”

Comic Book University: “This was a surprisingly good comic book…The art was fantastic in here!” 10/10 “not at all what I expected, though in the best possible way. Writers Jim Zub, Jed MacKay, and Scott Hepburn present three short stories that show a vastly different aspect of this famed team, and the variety is appreciated.”

Comic Crusaders: 10/10 “an excellent team of writers and artists gather to give us three great adventures of the powerful team of the North”

Comic Lounge: 8.3/10 “Knowledgeable or not of Alpha Flight, this issue is packed with great talent that created amazing and enjoyable stories that I would recommend checking out.”

Comic-Watch: 7.4/10 “Alpha Flight: True North #1 is a good introduction for new readers and something new for long-time Alpha Flight fans!”

Do You Even Comic Book?!: 8/10 “Ultimately, I’m glad Alpha Flight is back from space and being featured once again in their own story. I hope we can see more of them in the future.”

Examples of Nerdery: “All three artists bring their own unique styles to each story, and they all suit their individual stories really well.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: 7.9/10 “each is segment is different in tone and style. Yet ultimately they all have something in common: a strong emotional core about dealing with the past. They all also succeed in execution and make great use of the shorter format as well.”

Multiversity Comics: “a good issue though with three solid stories. The writers clearly love the characters and even if you aren’t that familiar with the members of Alpha Flight, you get a good sense of who they are in just a few pages.”

Nerdly: 8/10 ” It certainly does exactly what a one-shot should do, and tries to generate some new interest in these characters, and certainly does that. Rather than just being three inventory level shorts, all the stories were high quality, all spotlighted individual characters well, and all were linked thematically by the past, and the effect it has on these characters in the present.”

Newsarama: 8/10 “All in all, Alpha Flight: True North #1 looks great and reads even better. It’s a one-shot that begs the question – where’s the ongoing series?!”

Pop Mythology: “It’s astounding to realize how little the United States actually knows about its closest neighbour to the North. If this is a new beginning for this team, I’ll gladly celebrate its rebirth.”

Townie Bastard: 8.2/10 “So do I think you should track it down? Absolutely. Not just because I want more Alpha Flight comics, but this is a solid one-shot. It’s friendly for new readers, taps into parts of Alpha lore that most long-time fans are going to enjoy and has mostly solid art.”

Tweeton’s Comics (French): “These heroes are just as profound as any others in the Marvel Universe, and we look forward to seeing if the threads explored in this comic will be picked up in the future.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 8.6/10 “This one-shot does exactly what it’s meant to do. It’s inspired me to go out and read more Alpha Flight books.”

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