Champions #25 Reviews

Black Nerd Problems: 9/10 “I’m digging the medieval fantasy vibe, especially the dope fits our young heroes are wearing. You got my boy Miles in his ninja mode, kunais and all, and I’m digging it.”

Caped-Joel: 9/10 “You can tell this is the sort of passion project that only comes around once in a lifetime and Jim Zub is perfectly suited for this material.”

Comic 10/10 “I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, because it’s worth repeating: Champions is one of Marvel’s best team-up books. If you’re not already, you should be reading it.”

Comic Book University: “I knew it was going to be weird, but I didn’t expect it to be this good.”

Comics: The Gathering: 8/10 “The Champions’ arrival in Weirdworld gives us a lot of changes to adapt to. It’s a swing-for-the-fences story premise.”

DVS: “Jim Zub’s characters brim with youthful energy and hope, even when things look dark. He also balances quiet reverence when one character has to tap into the sentient source of her powers to solve a problem.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.5/10 “this was the perfect statement that this books has so much more to offer than your average superhero team book. They go through the things that you find genuine about the importance of heroes to one another, they tackle the importance of sacrifice, and emphasize the importance of having a sense of duty to those who matter.”

Multiversity: 8.1/10 “An engaging start to the new arc, with good pacing, character moments, world-building, and of course, great art. The creative team is in their zone for this one.”

Shoot the Breeze: “The set-up for this new storyline is very intriguing, and I absolutely love all the cool redesigns the Champions have each received, Sean Izaakse made each of them look great, balancing medieval/fantasy aesthetics with the visual core of each hero perfectly! “

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