AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME Launches in February!

Announced at New York Comic Con, there’s a new weekly AVENGERS story launching in February 2019. The creative team that brought you Avengers: No Surrender is back with AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME, a 10-part mythic monument drawn by Paco Medina and Sean Izaakse, and co-written by Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and me!

Check out our first three covers, beautifully illustrated by Yasmine Putri:

Why is there a new weekly Avengers story?

Avengers: No Surrender rode the wave of interest surrounding the Avengers: Infinity War movie and, in that same way, No Road Home looks to capitalize on the excitement for the movie sequel. It’s a wonderful time for both long time fans and new readers to start reading The Avengers.

Our creative team on No Surrender ran a tight ship in terms of organization and production and was well received by readers, retailers, and reviewers, so it was a natural fit to see if we wanted to dive back in and do it again. The chance to tackle another Avengers epic was too good an opportunity to pass by.

That said, the pressure is on to make sure we deliver a story worthy of the format. We’re not an untested experiment anymore, we’re veterans of the weekly war with a desire to prove No Surrender wasn’t a fluke.

Is this a sequel?

No. It’s a spiritual successor in the sense that it’s almost entirely the same creative team involved, but you do not need to have read Avengers: No Surrender in order to enjoy Avengers: No Road Home. They are distinct and self-contained stories. Obviously I want you to read both because they’re entertaining and we put our hearts into them, but they can each be enjoyed all on their own.

How many heroes are in the cast of No Road Home?

No Surrender had 26 heroes as three Avengers teams combined to battle 16 villains. It was epic, but also a ridiculous task keeping track of them all.

No Road Home is a tighter cast of Avengers, less than half the size, but no less exciting in terms of stakes and action. We wanted a leaner crew so we could spend more time with each character and advance their individual story lines more fully.

Revealed so far on the covers you see above are Hawkeye, Hercules, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Spectrum, Vision, Voyager, and Rocket Raccoon.

Wait a sec – Rocket isn’t an Avenger!

Yeah, well he’s been drafted into the team, whether he likes it or not.

How does this tie into Jason Aaron’s flagship Avengers series?

Last time, Avengers: No Surrender was the only Avengers book on the stands for 16 weeks as we cleared the field for what Jason had planned. This time we’ll be running alongside his series, showcasing what’s happening to some of the Avengers who aren’t in his cast. The two books will be doing their own thing, though there will be some little plot threads that carry over between them. That’s why we’re 10 issues this time instead of 16. We want to leave some room on your pull list for Jason’s story. 🙂

Midway through No Surrender you guys resurrected the Hulk. Will there be big stuff in No Road Home as well?

You betcha. Our mid-point has a huge reveal that will definitely have readers talking. It’s going to be wild.

Who are those creepy villains on the left half of the issue #2 cover?

To be revealed.

Who’s that lady with the big face in the back?

To be revealed.

You sound really excited.


I want you to pre-order Avengers: No Road Home and wait at your local comic shop in frothing anticipation. I want every issue to hit you like a Kirby-crackling fist.

Paco and Sean are drawing the best pages of their career. Mark and Al are two of the best writers I’ve ever met and we’re all in sync with our plans and the way it’s delivered on the page. Writing epic action in the Mighty Marvel Manner™ is my jam and getting the chance to contribute new characters and key moments to No Road Home has been a thrill.

In February 2019, we are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once again. I hope you join us.

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