Avengers #682 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “everything seems to be clicking now, with anticipation after each issue for what happens next”

Comic Book University: “This is really good. No Surrender is no bull.”

Comicosity: 8.5/10 “Avengers No Surrender is really clicking into place. Grandmaster and Challenger are entering the closing stages of their face-off, and we’re all right there to see it play out. I’m so glad this is a weekly story.”

Comicsverse: 8.7/10 “Avengers #682 is the most unique issue of No Surrender.”

Do You Even Comic Book?: 8/10 “It keeps me coming back every week because I just have one million questions that need answers.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 9/10 “Each issue has been better than the last and I can’t wait for the Immortal Hulk to return.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.5/10 “Avengers #682 continues to prove that you can have a big action story like No Surrender and still find genuine balance through character development and exploration.”

Graphic Policy: 8.5/10 “Another fantastic entry in the series. One that again changes the narrative style a bit focusing in on one character despite all of the chaos. This event has been delivering and is keeping us excited to see what’s next!”

IGN: 8.5/10 “Sean Izaakse’s run on Uncanny Avengers made it pretty clear that he would kill on the main Avengers title, and he lives up to that prediction in this issue.”

Rogues Portal: “With a major return for a classic member of the team —and a killer twist— Avengers #681 continues the weekly No Surrender saga with an exciting new wrinkle.”

You Don’t Read Comics: Grade- A “Sean Izaakse brings a strongly rendered and more classic-styled issue than the previous chapters. With a look that has echoes of Alan Davis and Mark Bagley, Izaakse does the book justice”

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