Agents Of Wakanda #4 Reviews

Bleeding Cool: “Jim Zub’s script packs a lot of interesting things into this very creative issue that leans heavily on continuity in a way that’s still accessible to newer readers…This book has a Tom Strong meets Agents of SHIELD vibe, but not in a derivative way, so it’s a real page turner.”

Chillmonger: 7/10 “A satisfying ending of God Loves, Moon Kills.”

Comic Book University: “This is definitely a seed for a future comic book story.”

Comic-Watch: 9.4/10 “Zub crafts a well-told story that finds a perfect balance of science fiction and superhero adventure. Very well told!”

Major Spoilers: 9/10 “Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #4 makes good use of the characters and continuity of the Marvel Universe, with clever storytelling techniques, fun dialogue and, best of all, truly impressive art to knock one out of the park”

Super Powered Fancast: 9.4/10 “Lan Medina’s art is fantastic. Not only does the style of the art complement the tone and pace of the story, but the characters pop on the page and the panel progression fuels both the tension of the plot and the heroism of the characters.”

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