Add one T-Rex

Best Art Description ever today!

Rundown of a piece for Dungeon Magazine… 3 paragraphs describing a pic of this evil 20th level bad ass Green Hag. Her clothes, her attitude, her features, the works… then… the very last line reads, and I quote…

“Behind her crouches her pet, a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

I actually laughed out loud when I read it. It’s like this little secret they just slipped in at the last moment. I thought I was doing a full body villain pic, all by herself and then –WHAM- please add a gigantic dinosaur!

My job is never dull. People could have called me today and I would’ve told them “Well, I’m drawing this decrepit evil bitch and her pet T-Rex. It’s a pretty average day at the office.”

Funny enough, I quite like the way my rough sketch turned out for it. I’ll probably post it up tomorrow, assuming it gets approved.

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