Here’s the initial rough image for the Evil Hag and her T-Rex pet I talked about in my last post.

The hag’s body was all built around that tilt in her shoulders and pelvis, giving her a confident stance with some attitude. Her Tim Burton-esque hair should be fun to paint too.

The dinosaur is as much built around what you don’t see as what’s there. Its massive bulk pushing it right out the side of the pic accentuates how big it is compared to her. In the background, a couple swooping lines of the cave help keep the viewer’s eye focused on the characters.

I’ve been starting my roughs looser, trying to get more of that gesture-energy that I want in my pieces instead of stiffening up too much. I took the gesture straight into Corel Painter and loosely put some tone in with the Simple Watercolor brush to define the forms better. The three tones grey give me a “road map” of sorts for the image that I can carry on through to the final. At least, that’s the plan anyways 🙂

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