Yesterday went okay until the evening… for some strange reason it became a battle against blandness. I’ll explain.

Last night I wasn’t feeling particularly social, but I wanted to get out of the apartment. We originally thought it would be a perfect evening for sushi, but weren’t sure we were willing to shell out the $40 it would cost to eat at our favourite spot. Opting for Chinese Food instead, we drove in a random direction and wound up at a place called the Sea-Hi Famous Chinese Restaurant for dinner.


I just add that “No” in there to clarify… don’t go to this place. The heaters were broken or not turned on, so you could practically see your breath inside the restaurant. Apparently not catching the hint, we were so hungry we sat down and ordered food. The place must be famous… it’s written on their sign.


My God, the blandness. No spice or flavour at all in this food. We ate tasteless noodles, dry chicken with strange batter and a plate of beef that had heaps of cooked onions, but barely any actual beef. So bland, so disappointing. When the bill came, it got worse… the total was only a few bucks less than if we would’ve gone for sushi after all.

So we get home to just chill out and forget the terrible bland-o dinner. Throwing in a Korean movie a friend lent us, it started off with soldiers dying in the desert. I got the impression we were going to watch wushu ass-kickery and martial arts, instead we get people looking cruelly at each other and dying in a desert, trekking onwards… for about 20 minutes.


We shut it off at that point, unable to continue. Browsing over the movies I’ve got, I remembered that my Dad leant me his DVD with the remake of the Italian Job. I don’t understand how this movie got 74% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was terrible! Even actors I normally like were just waltzing in with no character or zeal whatsoever.


I can’t believe this film (which plays more like an hour and a half ad for Napster and the Audi Mini) even got made. The dialogue was unbearable! Every character saying the most obvious thing they could with no personality or subtlety whatsoever. It played like a forgettable made-for-TV flick with no violence, wit or pacing to speak of. Ugh. I went to bed just wanting to escape the bland-itude.

Today will not be bland. I defy this blandness!

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