Nerdy updates:

– Watched Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Episode 4… WOW. Almost every complaint I had about the direction the story seemed to be taking got fixed in one brain-busting kick ass episode. Kudos to the creative team for pulling off that one. I’m quite excited to see where things go from here. I’m still a bit annoyed that they jerked their viewers around with this plotline, but at least it seems to be heading in a good direction now.

Chris and Andrew’s bachelor party last night was madness. Booze, food, booze, dancers, booze, karaoke… I’m stunned that I didn’t feel absolutely awful when I woke up this morning. My suspicions about Chip‘s insanity was confirmed last night… that man was made to party and he has no dignity filter whatsoever – awesome and terrifying.

– There’s now over 200 people subscribed to this Livejournal. That’s kind of crazy. I will try and post more useful/entertaining things, lest you all run away. 😛

– There were a couple other things I was gonna post about… and I just forgot them. That’s sort of impressive.

Okay, I need some sleep. More tomorrow.

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