Makeshift Miracle Cover

Makeshift got an unexpected boost today with an LJ post on the ultra-popular Scans Daily Livejournal Community. I wondered why several pre-orders had suddenly come through in a short span of time and checking the site server logs lead me back to the post. That kind of grassroots spreading the word about the book is really amazing and humbling at the same time.

I’ll be posting this on the site early next week but since you’re here at the personal LJ, here’s a sneak peek of the final cover:

After weighing our options and budget, we decided to go with a printer in Hong Kong. We got several quotes from North American printers, but the quality of reproduction, paper stock and price were all much, much better overseas. Being able to sell a 200 page full color indy book of this quality for $12.99 is pretty incredible nowadays. Assuming everything goes the way we’ve planned, it’ll even be shrink-wrapped with a Japanese-style obi strip showing the McCloud quote on it that you take off once you’ve bought it, leaving the cover art clear and uncovered. Needless to say, I’m excited.

As soon as the books come in (it’s still about a month from that point though) I’ll start sketching and signing copies so we can ship them to the pre-order people as soon as possible. That should be quite a chaotic week indeed.

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