I was contacted a few weeks ago by a guy who’s putting together a television series about creative people in the Toronto area. Back when I first started the Makeshift site he discovered my Photoshop tutorials; When he saw I had a book coming out he figured it would be a good time to interview me. So… they came by today. I tidied up my apartment, they set up a bunch of lights and we shot the interview and some stock footage of me drawing and painting on the computer.

Most of the chat was about inspirations, storytelling, having my story on the web and getting it ready for print. I think it
went well. I’m hoping I spoke clearly and didn’t “um” a bunch or anything.

The interviewer and cameraman get set up for the shoot.
I didn’t get any photos of me blathering, so lights and camera equipment will have to do.

The segment won’t be airing until at least January, but when I know which channel it’s on and other details I’ll tell you all here on the ol’ livejournal. All in all a good, and a little different than the norm, kind of day.

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