I fought with technology on Tuesday. FOUGHT, I say.

My internet has been randomly dropping off for no reason. From what I could figure out it was my router giving me grief. Last time this happened I upgraded the firmware and it worked much better. This time the firmware upgrade choked midway through for no apparent reason, thus reducing my router to a paperweight. Joy. I was thinking of buying a wireless router anyways, but for some reason being forced to do it irritates me.

Wednesday/Thursday was crazy. I was at the college working all day, then dashed off to Mississauga to meet up with my brother and some friends, then went back to the college to mark assignments until 2am. Finally, home… waking up at 7:30am to head back to the college for a full day of teaching… then off to my 7pm – 10pm painting class in Oakville right after. Weirdest of all, I got home at 10:45pm and didn’t feel really tired for another couple hours.

This weekend is a christening for my cute little docile nephew, housewarming parties and ideally sketching more.

The Diamond Orders are in for Makeshift Miracle and they are right where we estimated they’d be, meaning that the book is not going to be a redline (money losing) property for Udon. Whew. This has taught me a ton about how indy books are done/marketed/selling in the current market so I’m even better armed for future comic projects. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Things are shaping up for a Makeshift Miracle book launch party here in Toronto at the end of November. There may be an informal celebratory pub night as well the week it hits stores. As soon as I have final details on both I’ll let you all know.

Finally, buy Monster Cops this week by Chip Zdarsky… support kick ass Toronto artists!:

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