Quickey Update

Lots to update you guys and gals on, but I’ve been too busy to do it. Blar.

Quick version:

– Thanksgiving was good. Good food, good family visit, good weather.
– Both jobs are crazy-busy, but also going well.
– Erik is back from Hong Kong. He brought the print proof for the Makeshift Miracle book home with him too and it looks very nice. As I type this I’m uploading the final cover image and tweaked pages to the printer’s FTP server based on what I saw in the proof.
Pride of Baghdad knocked me on my ass it’s so good. Great writing and incredible artwork. Get it.
– The Digital Painting class I’m taking is going well. Last week was a real “Eureka” kind of lesson where an important couple of techniques were shown to us. Nifty.

More later… gotta dash off to the college and get caught up on marking.

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