I got hit by a cheeseburger!

More and more nights are starting out as getting together for drinks and then evolving into karaoke. This isn’t a bad thing, just an amusing observation. Cutting loose and singing songs while cheering each other on has become a fun past time. It’s about enjoying each other’s company and just having a good time. Art nerds at play.

After yesterday’s “performances” we hit the McDonald’s drive-thru and hung out in the parking lot like we were back in high school. All of us were ridiculously drunk-happy except for our DD’s. Lots of cheesy music and laughter ensued.

Nadine and Eric

The two cars of people threw joking insults back and forth. I recall someone asking us if we wanted an extra burger they had. Then, suddenly, I get hit in the shoulder with a gooey cheeseburger flung from the other car right through the open window.

There was no particular reason for going out, just a general desire to be goofy as a group. More evenings should come together for that reason alone instead of waiting for some pre-ordained event.

Jon Ellis – troublemaker

I know this doesn’t seem like much of an LJ post, but it was worth noting for myself anyways.

So many things going on. Working hard and playing hard too.

Trying to enjoy the little things as they fly by. October’s already half over.

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