I’m a guest at the Toronto Fan Expo this weekend. Comics, video games, role-playing games, sci-fi or horror…whatever your geek poison, it’s got you covered.

Udon will be set up at booth #438 and I’ll be there for the majority of the weekend. Also, checking the panel schedule, I’m hosting a panel all about getting your art portfolio ready for comics/illustration at 4:00pm on Saturday. It should be fun stuff. Go!

Tonight I pick up Kandrix and Alberto from the airport and hopefully head down fashionably late to the comic people meet-and-greet going on at the Victory Cafe after 8pm.

From Friday onwards it’s going to be good ol’ con chaos. Photos and stories will be forthcoming, as well as details on a late September adventure I’m planning and more Makeshift Miracle book news.

Speaking of the book… the story pages are done, all tweaked and relettered. Considering how much other stuff is on the go, I’m amazed it’s ready. Now I just need to get all the supplemental stuff finished and then start promoting the heck out of it. Ever closer.

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