Toronto Fan Expo 2006

The Toronto Fan Expo was a huge success for the Udon crew. Tons of fans came by, sales were hopping and silliness was had by all.

Thursday night I hit the industry get-together with Kandrix, Alberto and another buddy of mine named Kurt in tow. Good conversation and a few pints followed. Feeling tired, we headed back to my place, only to have Ken and I chat deep into the night getting caught up on personal and business stuff.

That lead to a groggy Friday where we barely made it to the con floor in time, scrabbling to get set up before the show started. Even though the crowd seemed light, our sales tally at the end of the short first evening was strong, giving us a real morale booster as the show wrapped for the day. After that was a nice dinner out at the Chun King chinese restaurant on Spadina. More good conversation followed.

Omar (Street Fighter Legends) Dogan sketches for fans.

Talking that night with Alberto was amazing. Looking at his artwork first hand, discussing the strength of his gestural lines and the confidence that makes his work tick really inspired me. So good.

Saturday was craziness. It was a blur of meeting people, making deals and hanging out at the con. Roberto and his girlfriend were able to drive up to the show, which was seriously kick ass as well. Roberto is such a talented painter and always upbeat… a real trooper.

Even at the con Roberto is coloring away.

The Udon crew had a casual Korean dinner with Jim Lee and then a small crew of us headed down the street for Mr. Butcher‘s typical Saturday Night Blitz-style party that always starts at Rocco’s and degenrates into karaoke. I admit, it felt surreal when I came in with Jim Lee in my crew and Chris handed me a swath of drink tickets that Udon had sponsored for me to hand out to people.

Dinner with Jim Lee. My life is surreal.

Um… good times ensued.
Rock N’ Roll was unleashed.

Nadine, Zub and Drake… for those about to rock – we salute you.

Kandrix and Alberto had left early because they were exhausted and I woke up Kandrix just before 5am to let me in so I could grab a few hours sleep before the Sunday show start. When I woke up I discovered that my voice was completely gone, with only crispy hoarse noises issuing forth. Ouch.

Sunday was more relaxed. We hit our financial goal for the weekend by Saturday afternoon, so there was a wonderful sense of victory and zaniness at the booth throughout the last day. I bought a mask I intend to wear for Halloween, got my butt kicked at Mario Kart DS and generally chilled out, trying not to use my voice too much.

Ken scares Alberto with the power of Lucha Libre.

Afterwards a horde of us went out for a victory dinner.

Monday was just hanging out with Ken, wandering the city and doing some shopping.

Today was the first day of class, with a whirlwind of administrative duties keeping me out of trouble. As always, things rarely slow down.

Lots of neat news and stuff coming this week. Be prepared!

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