I just woke up from a hardcore nap that my body sucked me down into, with no ifs ands or buts from the ol’ brain box.

I was at the college today rearranging the classrooms for the upcoming semester, shifting tons of animation desks, checking equipment and cursing every one of my previous students who didn’t clean up after themselves the semester before. There’s nothing else quite like finding dozens of gaudy stickers and wall hooks bonded to the surface of a desk or shelf area. The logical part of their brain that should go off saying “Wait a minute, can this shit I’m putting on my desk be removed without a paint scraper and unholy pressure? I’d better not do this.” Same goes for duct-taped posters on the walls, stacks of musty old life drawing pads, rotted food and other garbage or moving their desks in bunker-like fire hazard inducing configurations.

The janitors scoffed at the whole thing, refusing to touch it and I don’t blame them. Their job is to clean the floors and windows, wiping down dust and taking out the garbage. Each class having a creative place to work is great, but that shouldn’t equal a garbage dump/den of stupidity.

The sheer selfishness of doing this kind of shit and then laziness for not undoing it before they left makes my blood boil. I would never fathom acting that way… and never did when I was a student.

Anyways, to make a long story short, students will have a new fee when the semester begins next week that we’re calling a desk deposit. $20 per kid that gets returned to them at the end of the semester when we see that their desk is cleaned up and in the proper spot. If they want to leave their shit in chaos, fine, then it goes to me or the TAs as combat pay for cleaning up that desk area, which today would have added up to easily over $400 if the policy was in place.

So I got home and my body said “Fuck this physical exertion stuff, Zubkavich” and sent me straight to bed in a stupor. Now I’m awake again with a sore back and need a shower.

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