Adding a bit to my previous post, the Filefront version of the Ahn’ Qiraj file’s been downloaded more than 34,000 times at this point and the Warcraft Movies mirror version has been downloaded over 7000 times. That’s pretty insane stuff for a 56 meg video game movie file and doesn’t even include the guilds who are apparently passing it around or hosting it on their sites. Madness.

Loosely tying into that, Monday’s just a good day for Jimbo exposure on the net because the second column in my new series at Newsarama also went up and the response has been very good overall. Thankfully the column is bi-weekly. With everything else going on I don’t think I could heap that on my plate weekly.

Tomorrow I start my 3 day teaching stint, getting into a better groove with my classes and riding out the rest of January hopefully a bit better than I entered into it.

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