Seneca side of my day so far: Responding to application inqueries, refining portfolio requirements, summarizing curriculum material, building hand-outs for the students, rereading over theories I’ll be covering next week in class and assembling a budget “wish list” for September.

Udon side of my day so far: Following up on unpaid invoices, calling clients so we can schedule future projects, getting in touch with artists to schedule their time, getting printer templates for new products and planning convention material. Wondering what kind of curveballs the comic and RPG industry will throw me next.

Tonight, ideally, I turn my brain OFF. Heh.

I’ve been told Exalted #3 will be in stores February 8th. The proof looks spiffy. If you’ve liked the issues so far, this will not disappoint. It has 4 pages of Exalted interviews with the White Wolf staff and exclusive previews of the 2nd ed core book as well.

I’m also happy to report that the Exalted comic is now available in PDF format from Drive Thru RPG:
Exalted #0 Convention Exclusive
Exalted #1
Exalted #2

The Exalted 2nd edition RPG content from both the regular and powerfoil versions are included in each PDF. Download away, enjoy and then tell a friend.

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