Ahn’ Qiraj

The guild crew and I stayed up ridiculously late last night playing WoW so we could see a major event centered around something called the Gates of Ahn’ Qiraj. The server I play on was the first one in the world (out of the game’s 5 and a half million player base) to finish the gate opening quests.

Using Fraps I was able to get some decent footage of the event despite 7 server crashes and extremely bad frame rates at some points because of the thousands of players flooding towards specific locations to check it all out.

Here’s the video hosted on Filefront
Here’s the video hosted on Warcraft Movies
Here’s the video hosted at Google Video

…and now the event and my video has been Slashdotted.


I’m really glad I added in the Makeshift Miracle url at the ass end of the video as a free plug for my website. Looks like tens of thousands will be seeing that video today so hopefully some will trickle towards the site and enjoy it. 🙂

Go Wolves of Azeroth!

PS: Oh yeah, I’m playing World of Warcraft. I’ve never mentioned that here on my livejournal before. 😛

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